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Our Service Contracts keep your entire system running at peak efficiency. Start saving money on fuel, and add years to the life of your equipment.

Solar space heating can offset anywhere from 30% to 70% of your heating needs. Learn more about Solar Water Heating.

Radiant heat is one of the most comfortable and efficient ways to heat your home. Learn more about Radiant Heating Systems.

We offer an ultra-sonic, testing service to ensure your above-ground fuel tank is safe. Protect or replace your oil tank.

Solar space heating can be achieved through a variety of ways, from passive to active, and by utilizing either air or water as a transfer medium. Solar space heating can offset anywhere from 30% to 70% of your heating needs.

A simple passive system may be just facing your house in a southerly direction, and absorbing the sun`s energy through large glass windows or doors.

A step further would be to have a tile or stone wall and/or floor between the glass and the living space, to absorb the sun`s energy during the day, and releasing it at night.

An active system can heat either the air or water, and can be used in combination with heating domestic hot water.

The most common system would be a combination of solar collectors, paired with sufficient storage, tied into a radiant floor.

This offers the most flexibility in terms of control strategy, and a nice balance of cost and efficiency. Keep in mind, solar heating is not capable of heating your home or business 100% of the time, and should be considered supplemental. There are periods of time when there is insufficient sunlight to meet the entire heat load, and a conventional heating system should be used in conjunction with solar. Village Oil can design a system to meet your needs.