Q. What is the difference between a furnace and a boiler?
A. A boiler makes heat with hot water, distributing the heat through pipes to baseboards, radiators, and convectors. A furnace heats air, and distributes the hot air through ductwork.

Q. Do I really need to have my heating equipment serviced regularly?
A. Yes. Regular maintenance is your best protection against a major breakdown. Our qualified technicians will clean, service, and inspect your heating unit to insure it operates at its full potential. Regular maintenance insures peak efficiency, while allowing the early diagnosis of small problems that could result in a major mechanical failure.

Q. Why should I use automatic delivery?
A. Automatic delivery allows us to better serve you. We calculate your delivery based on the Degree Day system, which combines outdoor temperatures with your fuel usage. This allows us to deliver your oil efficiently, without letting you run out.

Q. Can I just call you when I want an oil delivery?
A. Yes. We service “will call” customers as well, but we may not be able to get a truck to you that day. If you run out, your heating system usually needs to be “bled” to get started again, this is a chargeable call.

Q. Is a fixed price program going to be the best deal?
A. No, not all the time. It`s unlikely that your locked-in rate will be lower than the daily rate every day of your contract.

Q. Why would I use a fixed price program?
A. If you are concerned that prices may go through the roof, and you don`t want to pay $4.00 to $5.00 per gallon, than a fixed price program may be right for you.

Q. What if prices drop during my fixed price (lock-in) contract.
A. You will have to pay the price you “locked-in” at, until the end of your contract. “Capped” customers will be entitled to some relief.

Q. Is there anything I can do short of replacing my heating system to make it more efficient?
A. Yes, you can start by making sure your home is well insulated, especially the band joist, the attic, and around windows and doors. Also you should have one of our technicians evaluate your system, and see if things like proper air elimination, more heating surface (baseboards, radiators), thermostat placement, or zoning can help in overall performance.

Our Service Contracts keep your entire system running at peak efficiency. Start saving money on fuel, and add years to the life of your equipment.

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We offer an ultra-sonic, testing serviceto ensure your above-ground fuel tank is safe. Protect or replace your oil tank.